Mac Hell

August 27, 2006

Even though Macs have been renowned for being the most secure and stable as well as user friendly operating system, I have begun to question how it stands up in a heterogeneous environment.

The place where I work has a few Macintosh EMacs in the lab. They are hooked into Active Directory network where they are authenticated by a Windows 2003 server and where the printer is based on a Linux platform.

What a headache that it has been. There has been three main problems with the Macs:

  • Bumping out of the Active Directory. Every so often the Macs will just not log on to the network. So the way to fix that is to unbind the computer from the AD and then rebind it.
  • Printing to the Linux Print Queue.It just doesn’t print! There are only a selective few in our IT team that really know how to fix that. Print from an application and the Mac doesn’t respond to the printer.
  • Lastly the default application that reads PDF is really poor when it comes to opening PDF documents. The text appears as squares. When viewed in Adobe Acrobat reader on the Thin Clients it was fine.

It seems to me that Apple seems to be only reliable when it is used with its own systems. What do you think?