Spyware Quake

Spyware Quake is one of the most recent spyware that has been released on the Internet. In fact, I had seen an infection of this on a clients machine, but did not know what it was until I did some research on the symptoms. I have listed a few links that will help resolve this.

Just for the benefit of others, some of the symptoms of the Spyware Quake is that a flashing icon appears at the task bar and ocassionallly there is a window appearing saying that your “Your computer has been infected”, and to buy the Spyware Quake product.

Here are some links that can help you eradicate this annoying spyware:

Spyware Quake problem- Hijack this posted
How to Remove SpywareQuake – Geeks to Go!

It seems to me that the Smitrem seems to be the one program to get if you find that you are infected with Spyware Quake problem. Good luck cleaning!


2 Responses to Spyware Quake

  1. DJones says:

    I just recently had some problems with SpywareQuake myself, after doing some research and finding a few good sources I was able to remove the bug. I used the following sources: Anti-Spyware-101 and Symantec

    It was not too hard to remove manually so if anyone has any questions please leave a response and I will try to help you if none of the links here were able get the job done.

  2. Scan and Remove all Spyware and Adware !

    Scan and Remove all Spyware and Adware !

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