Nasty runtime errors over Date()

To put the long story short I was finishing up some VBA code on an Access database project. I have been wrestling with a few problems at the beginning, largely arising from how to write If Statements effectively…(I am a still a newbie at this stuff), but I have been able to get the code running.

However this particular time, I hit a runtime issue when i pressed a command button. Basically the code updated some fields in the tables. I was scratching my head wondering why it gave such errors. Eventually I happened to notice that there were two records. Thats funny I thought. This form I am doing is suppose to be unbound, yet it says that I have two records.

Then it hit me. The record source was bound to a table, so I took out the record source, and hey presto its working. I’ll dig up the run time error I was experiencing for your benefit. 🙂


One Response to Nasty runtime errors over Date()

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